The Future of Our Jobs is Today

Today, the economy is changing at a lightning pace,—and skill requirements for jobs are changing alongside. Some industries are disappearing entirely, almost overnight, and legacy companies are quickly changing course.


This affected the job landscape in Indonesia, too. No wonder, as we have the the largest economy in Southeast Asia! Yes, this caused the rise of technology across every industry and created a flurry of new jobs and associated skills. Yet, we still have a problem: there’s lack of skilled and qualified workforce.

Simple math: the educational institutions for said qualifications currently covered only 37% of human resource needed!

Well, what we see from here is that the linkage between education and business industry needs a serious improvement.

Did you know? 36% executives in Jakarta reckon the small numbers of human resources as THE BIGGEST obstacle in their attempt to grow their company.

Human resources in IT fields are not sufficient. We have the second lowest quality among ASEAN countries! All these burdens seem addressed to the prospective employees. Employers have raised the bar on skills required to start a job on day one and are less involved in employee training. D’uh!

This condition becomes a challenge for graduates, or even for those who want to switch to new career.

What should we do, then?

Get yourself familiar with the jobs of the future! It will demand three key elements: STEM education, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is already important today, but in the future it will be essential. However, the prevalence of robots and automated systems will mean an increased need for engineers, technicians, and managers. They’re exist to build, maintain, and quality control the work performed by our mechanized labour force. Human error is always a possibility, but machines aren’t perfect either.

Similarly, emotional intelligence (EQ) will be increasingly important, especially for any jobs that involve human interaction. Emotions, understanding, empathy – these are things that automation has yet to interpret and deal with appropriately, which means that positions like teachers, doctors, nurses, and therapists are safe.

The creative fields should be safe for the same reasons, as automated systems may struggle with expressive creativity in fields like writing, art, design, and music.

Also, we might have the answer right ahead!

Because we’re here to present our newest program that will create digital talents with in-demand skills for up-to-date positions that companies are searching for.

Our Digital Mastership will provide talents with skill sets including knowledge, required competences, and network for the people who wants to gain their specific talents and build their careers in related fields. Guided by the experts and professionals.

This, for us, is a way to tackle the challenges of our future. And it’s already around the corner.

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